Published May 28, 2023

We love to to meet you who use Culture Box as a place to practice and build up skills. Pato Lassalle is no stranger. We’ve been impressed by her musical vibe the times she played in Red Box for Audiophiles Kollektiv and the What Happens crew. The later has invited her back to take on Black Box for the first time Saturday 17 June. Pato came by for a practice session the late Tuesday in May.

For how long have you been DJing?

I’ve been DJing for 6 years, I had to stop for a moment because all my machines were stolen in Argentina, but I was able to get back to music by practicing with a K2 controller.

What’s your personal taste in music? 

I like progressive, down tempo, deep house, organic house and melodic techno.

What did you practice today? 

Today I practiced with progressive, organic house and deep house.

What worked well for you today? 

Everything, it was beautiful to practice with the CDJs again, thank you very much for the space, it was a very beautiful moment.

What do you need to practice more? 

I would like to practice again with the CDJs as many times as possible because I really like mixing with these machines.

Based on today’s practice do you have any words of affirmation to yourself?

I felt very comfortable and very happy with myself for what I was able to do today musically.


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