Published January 22, 2023

We love to to meet you who use Culture Box as a place to practice and build up skills. Eva aka EVIE came by for a practice session on Tuesday!

What’s your relation to electronic music? 

It’s a journey that started for me more than 5 years ago when I worked in an electronic venue back home in Slovakia. I was introduced to different genres of house there. And this is where I firstly discovered deep and melodic house. Since then the journey has just continued, and when I moved to Denmark I got introduced to techno and trance. I started to learn how to DJ and got an opportunity to play at some underground events. It just became part of my life that I can not live without. I just can not breath without electronic music.

What’s your relation to Culture Box? 

It was my first electronic music venue I visited in Copenhagen. I still remember the night and it carries many good memories.

What’s your taste in music? 

I´m very inspired by classic, hard and goa trance.

What did you practice today? 

I´ve been practising different transitions, and also the technicality of the equipment that Culture Box offers, as it´s something that I only tried a few times before.

What worked well for you today? 

Being able to quickly adapt to the new environment and also equipment Culture Box Open Practice Sessions offer. Practising different transitions. I was very happy for the opportunity to play for an hour and half in an electronic music venue. It gave me an opportunity to see the venue from an artist perspective.

What do you need to practice more? 

Djing is something you never stop learning. And this is a mindset I have every time I go to practise. There is something new I learn about DJing every time. But I would like to gain more knowledge in being able to be more flexible with my transitions and also gain more opportunities to play in front of a crowd.


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