Published May 7, 2024

Meet some of the people who use our offer of free Open Practice Sessions on Tuesdays as a place to practice and build up their skills.

Presenting: lavv

For how long have you been DJing?

I started a dawless live-set project (zenezene) with a friend in Budapest around 2021 and I’ve been playing solo DJ-sets since last year.

What’s your taste in music?

My go-to sound is dubby percussive techno, but I like to experiment with other genres as well. Nowadays I listen to a lot of bass music, classic house and disco.

What did you practice today? 

It was my first time practising in Culture Box, and I was just going through old playlists. Even though I have a setup at home, it’s a nice opportunity to practise on club standard CDJs.

What worked well for you today? 

I guess this practice session was a bit special because there was a Culture Box staff party going on upstairs. They came downstairs after about an hour. However, the music I was playing might not have been the best background music if people were seated and trying to converse, but they stayed anyway. Minus point that I didn’t make them dance, haha.

What are you missing in the scene these days?

Even though I moved here recently, I’ve tried to explore the scene as much as I can. I compare Copenhagen to Budapest and Berlin, as I’ve lived in those cities. It was surprising to see how community-focused the scene is in Copenhagen, while in Budapest, the clubs and promoters are much more profit-oriented, and only a few organisers care about building communities around their parties. The CPH scene looks very inspiring, and I believe that a healthy scene should work like this. But if I were to name one thing that I’m missing, it would be the techno lineups and the Berlin sound. There are some techno parties, but I feel like people and DJs prefer faster, trancey music here. However, it is as it should be; we have the Copenhagen sound here and the Berlin sound in Berlin.


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