Published January 19, 2022

The ever interesting Danish scene for electronic music is thriving because of passion and dedication from all its various actors: DJs, promoters, crews, bookers, audience etc. With this Spotlight series we tell you who to watch. Meet Dudd!


Botosani, Romania. My hometown is very small and compact, and when I lived there, we had very few venues where we could listen to electronic music, and in general you could only listen to drum & bass and minimal.

Please tell us about your background and how you fell in love with electronic music?

Back home a lot of people are producing music, and I was lucky to have friends around me that were really good at it, and I had the chance to be present in many cool parties, where they were playing with some of the greatest at that time.

What motivates you to make music?

Bringing people together and make them dance and feel happy is the thing that triggers my motivation.

You debuted in Black Box in September 2021 tell us about that, how was it?

I had a pre-event that day, and I came with a lot of friends which made me confident, but also super nervous because it was my first time playing in the club, but I enjoyed every minute.

You’re the founder of the label and party concept LATCh, what can one expect from a LATCh release or a LATCh party?

LATCh will in 2022 release two vinyls, one will be up for presale in about one week with Pachh, an Argentinian friend from Buenos Aires, and the second one, at the end of the summer – the artist is a surprise. At the moment, events are not something we can plan, but some small gatherings will take place in the near future, for sure.

You’re booked to play 7 May alongside Robert Apetrei, JOHANNE and Lowfek in Red Box with Inland, CTRLS and Ena Cosovic in Black Box, what do you expect from the night?

Since the lineup is super international, I’m expecting to see a multi-national crowd with a lot of joy and good vibes.

How do you see the electronic music scene in Denmark right now?

The electronic music scene in Denmark is constantly growing, and I believe that it is going in the right direction with more diverse music and more places to listen to it. Having more nationalities than the previous years has changed the industry a lot, I trust the process and I believe that we should expect for the best times in the next years.

Any other goals for the future?

Some of my next goals are finishing my education and to travel as much as possible.


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