Published April 3, 2023

This month’s recommendation comes from Tadoh, one half of the party series For Haus’ Sake and a recent addition to the Berlin-based Mystic Tales family.

Tadoh: “MiniMalene is hands down one of the artists in Copenhagen that I enjoy the most – and one of the few that really gets me moving every time. While she also can cruise at lower BPMs, Malene’s signature sound is a solid form of refreshing, progressive techno that somehow also manages to keep an organic touch to it. It is bass-heavy, but also filled with delicious melody, and it is carefully mixed with the well-being of the dance floor in mind.

As if her bouncy sound wasn’t enough (and I assure you it is!), MiniMalene brings out the full package every time. Whether it’s a jaw-dropping home-made cape or a pair of psychedelic leggings, she takes the stage with a shiny storm, and it’s difficult not to look up and smile, while the arms are pumping low following the music.

Whether it’s behind the booth or making party deco together with the Umfi Umfi crew, Malene contributes to the scene with something very few others do”.


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